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Home Energy study


The Home Energy Study applied the CHARM approach to the consumption of electricity in domestic properties. We developed digital technology to capture hourly data on household electricity consumption and designed graphic vehicles to feed this data back to participants on a website and by email. We then recruited over 300 Bristol households for an 18-week randomised controlled trial. During the trial a third of households received feedback that showed hour-by-hour data about their own consumption and that of others in their neighbourhood; a third were only shown feedback on their own consumption, and the remainder received no feedback.
Findings from this research were published in the European Journal of Marketing.



iGreen - the social networking study


With the help of the wider CHARM team, PhD student Kavita Patel developed a Facebook application that captured and fed back question-responses in a quiz about sustainable lifestyles that each participant repeated seven times over a number of months. To encourage participation, each quiz completion was rewarded by access to a new sustainability-related game and entry to a prize draw.  
This, like the other CHARM studies, was a randomised controlled trial. Whenever they had answered a question, a third of the sample were reminded of the answer they had given the last time they completed the quiz. Another third (those in the social norms condition) were told not only what their own previous answer had been but also the average response given by other users. Those in the control group received no feedback at all. As well as collecting the data from the quizzes and a subsequent survey, Kavita conducted in-depth interviews.

Kavita successfully defended her PhD thesis in 2016.”



The iGreen app explained



A video demonstration of the Facebook quiz used by iGreen



A video demonstration of one of the iGreen games